G & K Persson Farms is building and selling its creation of Wooden Xmas Lawn Ornaments. We have been making these ornaments for just over 20 years now, for ourselves family and friends. They are durable and long lasting. Mr and Mrs Frosty were made about 22 years ago. They have never been repainted or at all damaged. The lights have been replaced two or three times during these 22 years. We expanded from the snowmen to creating candy canes, gingerbread men, stars, Xmas trees, Santa’s workshop and fences. Our recent creation, “The Grinch” is one of a kind. 

How it all started. I (Karen) am a Xmas freak. I have been collecting Xmas ornaments, lights and decorations my entire life. I have a room in the basement that is about 6′ x 8′ that is all Xmas stuff. I also have a space in our container that is for my outside decorations. I love the lights, the sparkle and the imagination that comes along with the Xmas theme. I had originally bought a Santa and Reindeer wire frame, then put garland and lights on it. I used it for a couple years and realized that during the day, it looked pretty dull. I wanted something to look good in daylight hours as well as dark hours. We then took the frame design and transferred it to the wood. Gary took his artistic skills to fine tune the look of both the Santa and Reindeer. We cut them, painted them and set them out for display year after year. I usually set them in front of our kitchen window so we can see them at all times, day or night. We have had so many compliments about the lawn ornaments that we decided it was time to start to recreate them for others. So here we are, Xmas lawn ornaments for sale for all to enjoy.



Santa & 4 Reindeer    $429 set (each piece is approx 4’x4′)
Frosty                        $109 each (approx 9′ tall)
Mrs Frosty                 $109 each (approx 9′ tall)
Xmas Tree                  $79 each (approx 2′ x 4′)
Star                            $59 each (approx 2′ x 4′)
Candy Cane               $59 each (approx 3′ tall)
Gingerbread Man       $89 each (approx 2′ x 4′)
Fence                         $159 (8′ wide x 3′ high)
Santa’s Workshop      $149 (approx 6 ‘high x 4’ wide)
“The Grinch”                $159 (8′ tall)
GST will be added to all prices