The “Columbian”

G & K Pesson farms has a very unique cabin on our lower property which is accessible¬† by boat or canoe only. It is located on its own private island, that we own a small portion of. The cabin is newly constructed and is 14′ x 24′ with a 6′ x 24′ covered deck. The cabin is built on cement columns approx 4′ high; this prevents the cabin from flooding during high water season of the Columbia River and its Wetlands. There is a 14′ x 8′ floating dock that raises and lower with the water level.

The view from The “Columbian” is of the wetlands, the wildlife and the mountains beyond with absolutely no human structure. We provide guests with a boat that they can use to explore the wetlands. There is no electricity in the cabin; we have propane stove and oven. The cabin also has a separate washroom area that has a compost toilet so guests have all the comfort of home. The cabin is fully furnished to accommodate one couple or a single guest.


Price: $189 per night