G & K Persson Farms will be offering courses on canning and processing. These courses will include: jams, jellies, fruits, pickles, saurkraut, fish and meats. I (Karen) have been canning and processing foods for over 40 years. In today’s society it seems as though canning and processing foods has been a lost commodity. Processing foods is a safe and healthy way to preserve your own foods for months and years. It used to be a way of life for many of us back in the day. I have been asked many times over the past decade if I would teach canning. I would love to. We would like to take this opportunity that is being presented to us now, to instruct courses on “How to can”. The awareness and trend to eat “locally grown” foods which are more wholesome and organic, also brings the need for instruction on how to preserve these foods.

G & K Persson Farms has two huge garden areas from which we will harvest produce and use for the purpose of teaching and farm gate sales. We will harvest vegetables, berries, and fruits from our 30 tree orchard.

G & K Persson Farms will also promote harvesting right from our garden. We are going to set aside one day a week, Sundays’, for families to come out with a picnic lunch and spend the day together. Families can harvest foods from our garden showing their children where their foods are coming from. In our busy world today it seems family time is also being put to the wayside, here at G & K Persson Farms we want to promote family time.