G & K Persson Farms is proud to offer our farm property as a Wedding Ceremony and/or Day Event Venue.

Our property consists of 9.67 acre upper property and 4.84 acres of property along the Columbia River, and surrounded by the Rocky and Purcell Mountains. We have numerous rock gardens on the property, along with many shrub beds that allow for amazing photo opportunities. The property has a shelter belt that encompasses over 250 different trees, shrubs and berry bushes.

The Columbia River runs through our lower property. Our 25′ dock is a wonderful place for pictures. The river itself is majestic and offers beautiful photogenic opportunities. It is romantic and stunning, a perfect place for the newlywed couple to appear and be greeted by their guests.

Across the river is “The Columbian”, our newly constructed cabin that would make a perfect honeymoon suite. Hop in our boat or canoe and head off into the sunset to your own private island retreat.

Wedding Ceremonies                        $500

Day Events                                            $1500

To book your ceremony or event please call 250-348-2094 or email:native@uniserve.com