We bought  Gary’s mothers farm in 2002 and with hard work have turned our dreams of self sufficiency into reality. We fenced our property with an 8′ high game fence for security for our children and to prevent deer and elk from entering on the property and eating our shrubs, fruit trees and gardens. We have farm gate sales for our twelve pigs per year, garden produce and canning.  We built a Meat Processing Facility on our property for domestic and wild game. We built a year round, fully serviced RV Park on a portion of our property in 2011. Since then we have sold some lots and we overnight some of the lots.  We have just recently finished construction of our cabin “The Colombian” It is located on a secluded island on the Columbia River Wetlands. It is a private and peaceful place to spend time away if you want to be close to civilization for security, but totally isolated. We will be instructing courses on Primitive Living Skills, Modern day hunting and caring for game.  My (Karen) Xmas passion and desire to build and sell lawn ornaments is an exciting new adventure for myself. Gary’s has just recently found and claimed a sight with unique Feature Rocks that we are developing.   In our spare time; we hunt, fish and visit with our children and grandchildren. The grandchildren spend many days and weeks at our farm, they just love it. They are free to run and play and completely safe within the 9.67 acre fenced in farm.


Gary & Karen standing at the entrance of the newly finsished cabin