Gary and I have taken many different survival training courses in the past, and along with our Metis Culture wish to pursue teaching courses. We will offer courses for adults and youth. Topics covered in our courses will be: lost proofing, shelter building, fire starting, water necessities, wildlife awareness, compass and directional travel, snowshoe building, traps, weapons, baskets and rope. We will also offer Hunting Skills Training.

We will conduct these courses on our property, in the back country,  at schools or private functions.

Course Outlines

Lost Proof Awareness

This course will teach you the basics for  surviving until you are found. How to build a fire and shelter. How to prepare water for drinking. Dealing with the elements that nature will put upon you.

We will offer this course for three different age groups. Children, youth and adults.

Children (8-12)  (min 6)  $50 per person

Youth (12-19)  (min 6)  $75 per person

Adults (19 +)  (min 6)  $100 per person

Basic Survival Camp

This course will commence on our property with 3 days of basic survival skills before going out to the bush for the next 3 days. Here you will receive handouts and demonstrations.

In this course you will learn the importance of water and sleep to survive in the wilderness. You will learn how to build fire, make shelters, and where the best place to build your shelter would be. You will learn the edible plants within that area to help sustain you while in the wilderness.

 Adults  $1200 per person  (min 6)

To book a course at your location, please call us at 250-348-2094 or email: